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It Doesn’t Hurt!

Believe it or not, acupuncture doesn’t have to hurt.  Bu Tong literally means “no pain”, and not only do the sessions relieve painful conditions, but there is little to no sensation upon insertion.  Julie’s gentle needling technique, combined with needles smaller than a matchstick, will have you feeling no pain in no time.

Overwhelmed, Overworked, or Both?

With cell phones and social media constantly at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget to schedule time for self care.  Just one hour of acupuncture can recharge YOUR batteries so you can get back to being great at what you do, every day.  We can all use more time for ourselves, why not schedule yours today?

Are you ready for more in life?

More energy, more restful sleep, more peace of mind-these are just a few of the side effects you will enjoy when receiving acupuncture regularly.  Whether you take advantage of our services once a week, a month, or a season, Julie and can help you to feel relaxed, whole and centered again.